4 Signs of Workplace Burnout

Feeling work-related stress is a common feeling throughout all fields and careers, but when that stress becomes too much that it’s pouring out into other areas of your life you may be experiencing workplace burnout. Many individuals gain fulfillment from their careers, as well as spend majority of the hours of their lives at work. Therefore, it is important to have a proper balance to avoid workplace burnout- which can lead to other mental health struggles in the long run. There can be many signs and symptoms of workplace burnout, but there a few common tell-tale signs to look for:

Feeling apathetic towards your career

Some individuals suffering from workplace burnout experience feelings of apathy towards a career that they were once passionate about. Due to the overwhelming stress or workplace issues, you may end up feeling that your passion about your career has fizzled out. In this case, making changes can reignite that passion towards your field or career.


Another sign of workplace burnout is sleep issues. You may be experiencing an overall feeling of fatigue, even if you feel that you have slept an appropriate amount. Another sleep concern that you may be experiencing is the inability to “shut your work brain off” to be able to fall asleep, and also stay asleep the whole night.


The lack of sleep and overall stress from workplace burnout may also lead to an increase in irritability. You may have noticed that your ability to be patient with others both inside the workplace and out are affected negatively as a result of workplace burnout. This feeling of irritability can lead to misplaced anger, as you may take your anger from work issues out on your loved ones, friends or family.

Lack of time for self

If you think back to the last week or month, what can you identify as your self-care? If you are feeling the effects of workplace burnout, chances are that you have little to no identified acts of self-care recently. This is a sign that you are experiencing workplace burnout, or could be on your way to it.
Now, what do about workplace burnout? You are not alone in this journey! Reaching out to loved ones or friends can offer you support to manage your stress over workplace burnout. If you are struggling, reaching out to a trained therapist can help guide you into making the necessary changes to achieve a proper work-life balance-which can lead to fulfillment and overall happiness in life.

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