How to Keep Your Sanity with Mindful Coloring

How to Keep Your Sanity with Mindful Coloring

Coloring books are super popular right now, and for good reason! The act of coloring provides nostalgia for simpler times in our lives and creates a sense of relaxation through in-the-moment awareness and keeping our hands busy!

Mindful coloring asks you to focus on how you choose and apply color in a design to bring awareness to the present moment. This process is like meditation (or zonefulness!) – we let go of any thoughts about the past or the future, or what we are planning to do when we finish.

πŸ’œ While you’re coloring, notice what you are choosing.

πŸ’œ Describe what you are doing and feeling in the present moment. Say to yourself, β€œI am coloring in __________ with (color).”

πŸ’œ Set your intention. β€œI’m picking green and I will use it for all the leaves in this picture.”

πŸ’œ Practice letting go of judging the quality of your coloring. You’re here for an experience, and there is truly no right or wrong way to color. Remind yourself this is your self-expression.

πŸ’œ Continue coloring for at least ten minutes or until your masterpiece is complete!

We have lots of super fun and cute coloring pages on our Pinterest here!

This is an excerpt from Keiko’s mindfulness workbook, available here!

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