It's never too late to work on your relationship.

Through nurturance and empowerment, couples counseling helps you identify the values and qualities that brought you together and have kept you together, so we can build and develop new strengths to become your best selves within the context of your relationship.

Sometimes, it may not even feel like you know your partner. You're feeling lonely in your relationship, having the same fights over and over. There are confusing feelings all around, and you're unsure where this relationship is headed. You know something needs to change, but you don't know how to approach all of the challenges in your relationship.

Couples therapy and marriage counseling can be difficult to begin - it's hard to ask for help! The truth is, any reason you want to come in is okay. We specialize in working with:

dating couples counseling

engaged couples counseling

newlyweds couples counseling

married couples counseling

lgbt gay lesbian trans couples counseling

couples therapy

Dating Couples Counseling

We don't often think of unmarried relationships when we hear couples counseling. But no matter how young the relationship is (or if you're anti-marriage), building your connection and preparing for a future together are essential. Whether you are facing roadblocks or want to strengthen and deepen your bond, couples therapy can help you heal past issues while growing a healthy partnership together.

Engaged Couples Counseling

Congratulations! Getting engaged is a big deal, and we can imagine how excited you are to start your life together. Couples therapy before marriage can help tackle roadblocks, disagreements, and expectations while reminding you that your relationship is capable of growth.

There is also the option for premarital counseling. This can help you focus on the future, maintain good habits, and build skills.


Newlyweds Counseling

Couples therapy is probably the last thing on your mind right after your wedding day, but happily ever after takes a lot of work! Starting early can effectively prevent future struggles by discussing expectations and building your communication skills. Prepare for your future and maintain that strong foundation early on so that you're rock solid for life!

Married Couples Counseling

Reconnect to find joy and excitement in your relationship again. Whether you are separated, going through a tough time, or reevaluating what works (and what doesn't), you and your partner can come in for any reason. If you're feeling unhappy, unsure, disconnected, or overwhelmed, gain more clarity and restore your partnership by working together with a couples therapist.


LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling

Affirmative therapy provided by clinicians who specialize in LGBT+

But what if we're happy?

Happy couples can - and should - come to couples therapy! Just like with individual therapy, there doesn't have to be something that needs fixing. Attending couples therapy sessions with your partner can fortify your relationship, amplify your strengths, and build a solid foundation for your next chapter together.


Couples seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons. Some topics include:

Resolve a specific issue
Assist the couple in deciding whether they want to remain in the relationship or end the relationship
Build communication skills
Improve problem solving skills with decreased anger and tension
Address negative or dysfunctional patterns
Rebuilding trust and secure attachment
Transitions in the relationship
Parenting changing/affecting the couple relationship
Address the role that family plays in a couples life
Parenting issues
Sexless marriages
Bring new passion, or bring passion back

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