Transform Challenges to Triumphs

If you're ready to turn life’s chaos into clarity and challenges into victories, you've found your crew. This group is tailored just for teens like you, who want to master the art of bouncing back, managing emotions, and building rock-solid relationships. Dive into a supportive space where you can truly shine and pick up essential life skills. Together, we’ll navigate the ups and downs of the teen years with confidence and courage. Ready to transform your trials into triumphs? Let’s get started! 🚀


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What Makes Our DBT Groups Special?

At Blossom, our DBT groups are more than just therapy sessions; they're a place where growth and transformation blossom. Here’s why our groups stand out:

  • Tailored to Teens: Our sessions are specifically designed for the teenage experience, making every discussion relevant and impactful for you.
  • Build Real Skills: From mastering mindfulness to conquering communication, learn practical skills that apply not just in our sessions but in your everyday life.
  • Empathetic Environment: You're not just joining a group, but a community that gets it. Here, you’re met with understanding and encouragement at every step.
  • Interactive and Engaging: Say goodbye to boring lectures. Our sessions are interactive, involving group activities, role-playing, and real-time feedback to keep you engaged.
  • Comprehensive Support: Beyond weekly sessions, you gain access to our digital skills portal and specially designed workbooks to help you practice and progress on your own time.

Ready to discover how our DBT groups can make a real difference in your life? Join us and start your journey toward personal empowerment and emotional resilience today!

dbt group therapy for teens

Curious about the details before you dive in? Here’s the scoop on what makes DBT at Blossom so awesome and effective! Think of DBT as a life skills class, where you get to learn and practice in real-time, ensuring you're prepped for life's curveballs.

What You'll Learn:

  • Mindfulness Mastery: Learn to pause, assess, and respond instead of just reacting. It’s all about staying calm and collected, no matter what comes your way.
  • Coping Champions: We’ll equip you with a toolkit to handle big emotions and tough situations—from school stress to friend drama—like a pro.
  • Self-Care Strategies: Create your personalized toolbox to dial down distress and keep those unhelpful behaviors at bay.
  • Relationships and Communication: Navigate your social world with confidence! From making friends to managing disagreements, communicate like a champ.

Ready to Join?

For the Teen Group: You just need to be in high school. It’s that simple!

Join us at Blossom, where we don’t just talk therapy—we live betterment. Ready to enroll? Let’s make great things happen together! 🚀


Our Teen DBT Group is tailor-made for high schoolers who want to level up their life skills game! If you're navigating the twists and turns of teenage life, grappling with emotional ups and downs, or just looking to improve how you handle daily stresses and social scenarios, this group is your perfect match. Come join us and transform the way you face challenges, connect with peers, and move confidently through your world. Let’s get thriving together! 🌟


We're here to help you do your BEST work and we know you'll need some stellar supplies to get the most out of our program! All participants receive:

  • 100-page diary card notepad
  • Workbooks/handouts
  • Lifetime access to our digital skill portal
  • Parent portal access and support to follow along

$80 per session

$1100 if paid in full at the first session

This group requires a commitment to all 16 sessions


In-person in Collegeville, PA: Tuesdays from 6:00PM-7:30PM EDT

Telehealth: Wednesdays from 6:00PM-7:30PM EDT

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Telehealth Group Available for Clients In:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely any high schooler ready for a positive change! If you're looking to boost your emotional toolkit and make some awesome new connections, this group is your go-to spot.  

The DBT teen group program consists of weekly sessions that span over a period of 16 weeks. Each session lasts for 90 minutes.

Yes, we offer individual counseling as a supplementary service alongside the group therapy. This allows you to receive personalized attention and focus on specific needs.

This group is provided out-of-network. We will supply you with superbills at the end of the month for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Our groups have a minimum of five group members and a maximum of nine.

We rotate our clinicians depending on the season/cycle! You'll have the same therapist for all of your sessions, but depending on the time of year you join, it will likely be a different therapist than the season before!

We offer this group either in-person in our Collegeville, PA location, or virtually to clients in the states listed in our map above.

In our Teen DBT Group, we cover some super cool topics to help you thrive! 🌟 You'll learn to master mindfulness, amp up your coping skills, build your very own self-care toolkit, and enhance your communication prowess. Get ready to tackle everything from everyday stresses to those big emotional waves, all while improving your relationships and personal growth. Join us and start navigating life's challenges like a pro! 🚀

If you're a high schooler looking to tackle life's big feelings and challenges with some cool new skills, you're in the right place! This group is perfect if you want to boost your ability to handle stress, improve your relationships, and just feel more confident day-to-day. Think of it as upgrading your mental toolkit for a smoother ride through your teen years.

You can click the Request a Free Consult button to find a free 30-minute consult slot called DBT Group Free Consult.

Or fill out the forms you see throughout this page and we will get back to you with more information!

If you miss a session, don’t worry! We offer make-up opportunities and provide session summaries so you can catch up and stay on track with the group.

There's a 16-week commitment to our Teen DBT Group. Think of it as your season pass to mastering new skills, making awesome friends, and growing every week. Regular attendance not only builds your toolkit but also strengthens the bond with your group, making every session more impactful. So, gear up for a transformative journey with us—it’s worth every minute! 🌟

By diving into our Teen DBT Group, you're setting yourself up for some awesome outcomes! Expect to gain killer skills in managing stress and emotions, boost your ability to focus and stay present, and level up your communication game to build healthier relationships. You'll come away with not just a toolkit for tackling life's hurdles but also a newfound confidence to use it. Get ready to see real changes that help you navigate the teen years with more ease and less oops! 🚀

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