Stop After School Tantrums Today!

The struggle is real. Try these strategies tonight.

Is your child melting down after school? Are you and your family struggling to keep it all together especially since school has started? Together, let's look at five easy-to-implement approaches to help you and your family gain back your peace.

In this free workshop, you can work at your own pace to discover:

  • Why your child falls apart after school

  • The types of kids who are more susceptible to these meltdowns

  • Four easy-to-implement strategies to prevent future meltdowns

  • The transformation after implementing these strategies: calmness, routine, and happiness

  • What to do in-the-moment of a meltdown

What You'll Learn

Helpful insight and five tips for taming the tornado!

Why your child falls apart after school

An overview of the developmental phenomenon that contributes to meltdowns

Strategy #1

Learn how connecting with your child can alleviate or prevent meltdowns.

Strategy #2

See how creating one special area can stop future tantrums.

Strategy #3

Explore the structure that can bring peace to your after-school experience.

Strategy #4

Discover the connection between health, wellness, and meltdowns.

Strategy #5

What to do in the middle of a meltdown to support and alleviate the intensity.

Keiko Wolfe
About The Author

Keiko has 13 years of clinical experience working with ages 4 and up. She focuses on empowering clients by challenging patterns and assisting in their creation of self-developed coping strategies. Her preferred approaches incorporate Eriksonian hypnotherapy, mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Cognitive Therapy. Keiko is the CEO of Blossom, and you can often find her hosting workshops, groups, and free events, and at all of our community events!


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