Sometimes, things go to sh*t

Millennials and Gen Z are experiencing new generational challenges: Recessions. Drowning in student loan debt. Sucky housing market. Low wages. And, like, hello - global pandemic!

Hey, we totally get it - our staff is full of Gen Z and Millennials. We face a unique set of challenges in comparison to other generations, in particular with our emotional and psychological needs.

With the right support, life can become much more manageable. Let's connect, because you deserve an epic life!

Get to know yourself as a whole person, an individual

The central difference between millennials, Gen Z, and other generations is in the way we communicate, and that absolutely translates to the therapy office!

Facing the double bind of wanting to succeed while being faced with the struggles mentioned above can create what feels like a midlife crisis... or quarter-life crisis... or... just a plain, old existential crisis.

In a society that is fast-paced and judgemental, we're here to give you a calming, safe conversation. One that offers the support and shared understanding of your unique experiences.


Let's get started today

Reach out for a free consultation to start working through your sh*t today!

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