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I approach therapy from a trauma-informed, strengths-based, and holistic stance where you are the expert in your own life. I'm here to support your journey towards being happier, healthier, and a more authentic version of yourself. I am open to working with families together and individually, and incorporate a lot of play and art interventions in the work I do. I'm excited to work together and take this first step on your counseling journey!


Does your child struggle to express themselves in a healthy way or need a safe space to process challenging feelings? Are you feeling disconnected, anxious, or otherwise having trouble navigating life's twists and turns?

I support children, teens, and young adults who are struggling with a wide variety of challenges in life. From life transitions to significant emotional and behavioral needs, I use an individualized and supportive process to work with you in reaching your goals in counseling.


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Jack's Clinical Focus


Use your best qualities to find solutions and coping strategies

Kids + Teens

Working with ages six and up!

Behavioral Issues

Explore the source and develop coping strategies to manage big emotions


Cope with loss and major life events with heart-centered support

Peer issues

Focus on developing social skills and working through challenges with friends, classmates, and others

Play + Art Therapy

An experiential treatment combining fun and therapeutic change

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Jack's Blogs and Resources

Trainings and Certifications

💕 DBT intensive training, 2021


💕 Villanova University, Master of Science in Counseling, 2022

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