Michaelyn Morgan


You can do this!

I provide my clients with the empathy, unconditional positive regard, and genuineness that is needed to encourage and support change and growth. The counseling process my clients engage in is collaborative, meaning we are constantly working together towards the same goal.


I believe anyone can benefit from counseling! I love working with teens through healing, coping, and changing thinking processes. By providing encouragement and support needed to cope with adversity, heal from trauma, problem solve, and correct cognitive distortions, they can grow into healthy adults who know how to successfully handle almost any problem that is thrown at them.

When helping my clients, I take a nonjudgmental stance, and attempt to understand their subjective experiences, as well as the various systems in which they exist. My clients and I focus on harnessing existing strengths; working on self-made goals; increasing self-awareness; controlling thoughts, behaviors, and emotions; and practicing mindfulness, gratitude, and presence. Everything my clients and I do is meant to be applied to real life, which means “homework” is an important part of our counseling process.

My clients know that they are expected to take full responsibility of their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, but they are also aware that they are not ever expected to be perfect, and they are not alone in this process. The counseling process is not an easy one, but you have already taken the first step! You can do this!


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Michaelyn's Clinical Focus


Reframe thoughts, challenge patterns, and change your perspective

Young Adults + Teens

Working with ages 13 and up!

Peer Issues

Focus on developing social skills and working through challenges with friends, classmates, and others

Anxiety Relief

Whether it be from school stress, relationships, friendships, or something else!


Heart-centered care and support for your toughest moments


Focus on achieving your goals and building a life worth living

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♥ Currently enrolled in the Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Villanova University


Dialectical Behavior Therapy, 2021

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