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You deserve to become the best version of yourself, and we're here to help you get there - with a healing space for you to bloom, grow, and blossom through heart-centered and soul-empowering work. We provide personalized and authentic support to help you navigate life's challenges and achieve your goals. We go against the grain of traditional therapy by offering warm, inviting, and empowering approaches that focus on your strengths and needs. So, if you're ready to fall in love with your life and get started on your bravest journey, choose us, and we promise to walk beside you every step of the way!

Customized Therapeutic Approaches: Your Journey, Your Pace!


Advocating health and body positivity regardless of size


Grounding and centering techniques to take things as they come

Gender Identity

At any age and at any place in your journey, you are supported here

Teens & Young Adults

Working with ages 14 and up!


Empowering, collaborative care for emotional and physical safety

Peer Issues

Focus on developing social skills and working through challenges with friends, classmates, and others

you deserve to be the

best version of you

you are so much more than what you're going through
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Meet Alyssa

Kudos to you for your courage in embarking on this journey of self-discovery and healing! understand that reaching out for help can feel daunting; perhaps this is a reflection of my own journey, recognizing the strength in vulnerability, embracing the uncertainties that come with delving deep within oneself. I specialize in providing individualized, trauma-informed care, and my approach is rooted in warmth, empathy, and respect, fostering a safe space for exploration and growth. My clinical interests are diverse, ranging from promoting health and body positivity—HAES, to mindfulness techniques, focusing on grounding and centering, particularly supporting those traversing their unique journey in gender identity.

Alyssa Seagraves

Let's navigate your path together, celebrating your uniqueness and addressing your challenges hand-in-hand, reflecting on your thoughts and emotions, and cultivating resilience and self-compassion. Join me in a collaborative journey, customizing our therapeutic partnership to your unique needs and aspirations. Book with me today and let’s start this journey together, enabling you to reconnect with your inherent strength and wisdom.



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Virtual for all of PA, and in-person in Collegeville

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