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Welcome to adulthood! Just kidding, but I'm sure that's how you're feeling. Turning 18, graduating high school, and feeling the pressures of what you "should" be doing next feels overwhelming, confusing, and sometimes frustrating. "How do they expect me to know what I want to do for the next 60 years when I wasn't even allowed go to the bathroom a few months ago!" (Breathe a sigh of relief, because you do NOT have to have a 60-year life plan, I promise!) In a world with so many options, it can be easy to feel like maybe you don't know what to choose, or that the decision you've made might not be right.

On your journey, it's natural and common - and totally okay! - to feel any and all of those feelings! Whether you are starting college, forgoing college, or doing something entirely unique, navigating the traditional "college age" part of your life can be a struggle.

What you want is support. What you deserve is support. A time and space to explore your goals, your feelings, and your daily experiences without judgement, helping you find your footing and starting your post-college life with some more confidence and resilience than you've ever had before! And you know what, that's exactly what I'm here for - to guide, support, and empower you through this awesome (but sometimes scary) journey in your life!

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I believe that mental health and one's journey towards wellness is something that should be celebrated! Viewing oneself as the sum total of what you are not or what you cannot do, simply fosters the idea that mental health is something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. When, in actuality, the ability to recognize a need for change and to actively seek support is an act of courage that one should be proud of.
Life, no matter what age, has a way of wearing us down. Changes and transitions when beginning, working through, and finishing college can seem daunting and overwhelming. Anxiety can make us feel as if even the smallest of decisions or obstacles are out of our control. And although we as human beings are resilient, the difficult part is often figuring out how to tap into that resilience .
I strive to create a safe, compassionate, and accepting environment where you can feel empowered to change, grow, and flourish as a person. My goal is to help you not only better understand yourself and your experiences, but also the way that your thoughts, perceptions, and actions influence the way that you feel. Open discussion about life’s challenges and the meaning you can find in even the most daunting of life stages is just a small part of the journey towards wellness! 
If you are interested in seeking change and support, you have come to the right place! I encourage you to invest in yourself and take the next step to achieving those goals. I would be more than happy to walk alongside you on this journey and help you become better equipped to overcome stressors and foster resilience in your own life!

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