Breaking Bad HabitsWe are the product of our everyday habits. What we do and how we do influences everything, from our personality to our productivity. But… we all have bad habits that use up our valuable time and energy. If you find yourself feeling exhausted or depressed seemingly out of nowhere, a great place to start is to check your daily habits.

To get through the day, we need as much good energy as we can get! Some things we do expend our energy and make us feel exhausted both mentally and physically. Certain things we do every single day can drain our energy and make us feel worse.

Becoming aware of bad habits is the first step in replacing them and changing our experiences. If you can relate, remember, you aren’t alone! We all fall victim to some of these bad habits.

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Taking things personally

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Very rarely does someone do something because of you, it's almost always because of them. It's exhausting to go around thinking every interaction you have with someone is a testament to how they feel about you. Once you recognize and accept this, your freedom is limitless!