Dropping Anchors Foster & Adoptive Parent Support Group

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Do you:

⚓ Foster, adopt, or experience another kinship situation within your family?

⚓ Feel like your situation is so unique no one else could possibly understand?

⚓ Need encouragement in your parenting journey?

⚓ Feel judged or invalidated in your parenting skills?

You’ve prepared. You’ve read all the books. Maybe you’ve parented before. But sometimes, you need support. You don’t have to do this alone. Connect with current – and former – foster, adoptive, and kinship parents. Share experiences. Feel encouraged and understood by others who truly understand your situation.

In this safe space, you’ll:

  • Learn new skills to cope with your unique situation
  • Discover a community of other parents
  • Offer and receive advice and guidance
  • Navigate situations that may be new or difficult and learn positive resolution

With: Marcy

When:  Every other Thursday at 8PM EST

Who Should Attend: Foster parents, adoptive parents, and parents in other kinship situations – right now or in the past

Cost:  $15 per session

Where: Online! You’ll receive a link to our HIPAA-compliant, confidential virtual group room upon registration.