Emotion Regulation Workbook Vol1

Welcome! Written for clinicians, Emotion Regulation – Volume 1 of this e-book series explores emotion regulation skills to help clients learn about emotions, achieve deeper understanding of their emotions, and develop resiliency to deal with emotions. This book also serves as a workbook for clients to use for self-study or in their therapy sessions!

There are 34 pages of handouts and activities in this workbook.

Consisting of worksheets and activities, this e-book is sequential, presented in order based upon the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) approach. These skills can be used to facilitate DBT and emotion regulation trainings, or you can use the skills a la carte! Worksheets are written in language consistent for client distribution and are best used within an eight-week program.

Emotion regulation changes our relationship to feelings. Through learning to identify emotions, we begin to understand how, when, and why they happen. Identifying and understanding our emotional experiences helps us positively influence our feelings and break patterns that may not be effective.

Overall, emotion regulation supports emotional health and wellness to balance physical, emotional, and mental health. These skills help increase positive experiences, reduce vulnerabilities, and mindfully lead us to a healthier, happier life! Begin to feel more in control of your day-to-day experiences by balancing thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

May you be well.

Since completing training in 2014, I have facilitated Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) groups and individual treatment for ages 10 to 26. My approach to DBT builds upon the foundation set forth by Marsha Linehan and Lane Pederson, integrating play, social skills, art, and zonefulness into group and individual activities.