Parenting the Gifted Child Support Group

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“Parenting the Gifted Child” is a group designed for parents of kiddos whose brains require high amounts of stimulation to be engaged.

Kiddos who are gifted excel in specific areas and sometimes struggle in others. They may become dysregulated easily and struggle with impulsiveness and self-regulation.

This group is aimed to share “the elephant in the room” – the frustrations and struggles that come along with parenting a child whose “think outside the box,” stimulation seeking brain can be EXHAUSTING!

Designed to provide a safe space to share vulnerability, experiences, trials, tribulations, and tips with other parents who understand.

With: Marcy

Who Should Attend: For ages 18 and up

When:  Every other Wednesday at 8PM EST

Where: Online! You’ll receive a link to our HIPAA-compliant, confidential virtual group room upon registration.