Living Your Best Life – Through a Pandemic

Living your best life“Living your best life” during a pandemic, may sound impossible, but I’m here to tell you that you can make it happen! Life during the pandemic may not be how you envisioned your 2020 to go, but shifting your mindset can make your new version of 2020 an enjoyable one.

Here are some tips for living your best life through the pandemic.

  • Accept that you have to put certain plans/projects on hold:

Were you supposed to go on that big vacation this year? Was there a promotion for work you were aiming for? It’s time to accept that these things may have to be put on hold for some time, but it does not mean that they will never happen.

It is helpful to only identify any small steps you can take now to eventually reach that goal in the future, and accept that the end result will have to be put on hold. It is also helpful to focus on yourself by not comparing yourself to what others have accomplished through their own experience in the pandemic. Everyone’s situations look different! Just because someone finished that home project while you have only managed to do your laundry each week, it is okay! It is important to recognize that you are doing your best to manage life through this new experience of a pandemic.

  • Say yes to self-care:

Think back to life pre-pandemic. Can you identify how you were taking care of yourself? It is even more important to make sure you take care of yourself during these times, whether you have children to home-school or you’re on the front lines as an essential worker. Self-care is different for everyone, and there is a wide range of self-care activities you can incorporate into your daily life. Take time to sit and think about what you would like to add into your daily routine as self-care. The amount of time you take will also be different for each individual. You can carve an hour into each day or just start out with 5 minutes of self-care each morning. The limits are endless, so take your time to figure out what works for you!

  • Focus on connections with others

Whether you’re struggling to manage your “new normal” or feel isolation due to not going into the office every day, make sure you continue to reach out for connection. During the pandemic, many people feel the effects of lack of in-person connection with those outside of their families. It is important to reach out to friends and loved ones to continue making connections and support one another. If you feel you are struggling, you can schedule a free consult here to connect with a therapist to help support your needs via phone, video or outdoors for a “walk and talk session.” It is important to remember, you do not have to struggle through this alone!

Living your best life through a pandemic

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