13 Reasons Why Discussions

13 Reasons Why Season 3 premieres on Netflix at the end of August. If you work with teenagers, have teenagers, or are a teenager, you probably notice that a lot of people are talking about this show!

With its heavy plotlines and difficult topics, we often field many questions from both parents and clients about 13RW. Join us for one of our free discussions so we can explore the series, process the thoughts and feelings you may have had while watching, and address concerns that may come up while viewing each episode.

Curious about the series and its presentation of mental health? Want to discuss the feelings and thoughts that come up while watching 13RW? We have two types of discussions: for parents, and for teens.

  • For parents (and other adults), we’ll explore how to handle conversations with kids about the characters and scenes.
  • For teens, we’ll talk about and process what’s happened in the series and how to deal with reactions and responses to it.

Dates and Times

📺 9/9 5p-6p: 13 Reasons Why Teen Discussion (ages 11 and up)

📺 9/14 1p-2p: 13 Reasons Why Parent Discussion

📺 9/16 5p-6p: 13 Reasons Why Parent Discussion

📺 9/28 1p-2p: 13 Reasons Why Teen Discussion (ages 11 and up)


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