Crochet Workshop

Is crocheting therapeutic? Heck yes! It’s been supported time and time again through scientific research. A 2014 study on depression relief showed that 81% of respondents with depression reported feeling happy after knitting or crocheting, while more than half reported feeling very happy. Approximately 75% of respondents reported that crocheting and knitting were calming and anxiety-reducing in another study. Crocheting is also neuroproductive and can reduce dementia and memory loss by up to 50%! We know it releases serotonin, one of the neurochemicals responsible for happy and calm feelings, plus pain relief. The list goes on and on!

Join us for a therapeutic crochet workshop. Enjoy the meditative and creative aspects of crafting to cope with depression, anxiety, insomnia, memory issues, focus issues, low self-esteem, irritability, stress, and much more! The creative freedom of art therapy will allow you a space to try something new, something that has no right or wrong. Crochet is a craft of self-expression, and you can do with it what you please.

For this workshop, we will start out simple – making a scarf!

This workshop is appropriate for ages 10 and older.

This workshop will be held Saturday, November 3, 2018 from 10AM to 12PM.

Benefits of Crocheting

  • Relieve depression and anxiety
  • Feel calm and relaxed
  • Boost self-esteem through learning a new skill
  • Reduce/postpone memory loss
  • Improve focus
  • Reduce irritability and restlessness
  • Alleviate stress
  • Additional research has shown that crocheting can help cope with trauma, OCD, grieving and loss, and chronic illnesses such as MS.

This workshop will include:

  • An overview of crocheting
  • Tips and tricks
  • Hands-on time to crochet your scarf
  • One pound of yarn
  • Crochet hooks to borrow

If you want, you can bring:

  • Crochet hooks
  • Your own yarn


This workshop requires registration. Pricing is $45 per participant. Registration closes 48 hours before the workshop time. You may also preregister and receive an invoice via email.