Time Management with Pomodoro Free Workshop

Have you heard of Parkinson’s law? It states, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” This means that the more time you give yourself to finish a project, the longer it will take to finish it. Creating strict deadlines and structured plans is a sure-fire way to overcome this problem! How do you do that? Let’s introduce you to the Pomodoro technique.

This strategy is a popular time blocking system that can help you streamline tasks and quickly accomplish your to-do lists. By creating a plan and focusing mindfully on one task at a time, you’ll become more productive and have time to enjoy other things in life! Other benefits include:

💜 Turning multitasking into singletasking

💜 Better focus/attention

💜 Build willpower

💜 Get more things done

💜 Decrease stress, anxiety, and perfectionism

💜 Better motivation

💜 Better management of distractions

💜 Better awareness of the time it takes to complete a task

Join us at 7pm or 7:30pm on October 28, 2019. All ages are welcome!


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