Therapy for Adult Children

Being an adult child can be difficult. There are times when your parents cannot accept that you are now an adult, able to make your own decisions. As your parents become older they may rely on you to make the decisions for them. You may even have to step in and make the difficult decisions regarding healthcare and end-of-life. Making those decisions may require looking at not only your parents’ wants and wishes, but identifying what is really best for your parents. There may be uncertainty and there may be feelings of guilt.

We also bring a lot of our experiences from childhood into our adult lives. We tend to either follow in our parents’ footsteps or rebel against the family tradition. Did you have difficulty as a child living up to your parent’s expectations? Did you feel that you were never good enough, couldn’t do anything right? Did you feel that you lived in chaos?


Living with parents with addictions issues or personality disorders is not easy for a child. As an adult, you can now learn how to overcome those feelings you may have had as a child and begin to live life to the fullest. Despite any negative messages you may have learned as a child, you can learn to love yourself. We will work on developing self-esteem, improving your own parenting style, and learning to accept and let go of the things we can no longer change. We can do this together.

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