Anger Management

There is nothing wrong with feeling angry – it is a normal, healthy emotion that can at times be necessary. Anger is an adaptive emotional response to experiences of hurt, injustice, fear, and frustration. Feeling angry is not the problem – it’s what we do with that emotion that can lead to problems. Let us help you develop strategies for managing anger in healthy ways while you improve your quality of life.

The goal of anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes. Anger management often integrates principles and techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, and impulse control strategies. It involves:

  • Identifying what triggers your anger
  • Developing techniques to express that anger more effectively
  • Taking steps to remain calm
  • Gaining control over the consequences of your anger
  • Dealing with the situation in a positive way


Together we will work on developing the skills needed to express the anger effectively without the negative consequences. We can focus on anger in the context of substance abuse, military service, or how it has affected you individually. You will be able to start repairing broken relationships, manage situations more effectively, and be a more positive role model for others. It is generally impossible to avoid everything and everyone that makes us angry, but you can learn to control reactions and respond effectively.

Who Can Benefit

  • Those who frequently lose their tempers
  • Those who become angry, and say or do something they later regret
  • Those who are aggressive
  • Those who have hurt someone or damaged something
  • Those who have ruined relationships as a result of their anger
  • Those who have had dealings with the law as a result of their anger

Clinicians Offering This Service