Every career is a journey, but you don’t have to travel alone.

Career counseling and coaching can assist you in self-assessment, exploring careers, career transitions, and career success and management. By building self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-confidence, your career journey can be easier and smoother to navigate.

Our Core Services






Self-Assessment and Career Exploration

We all have gifts, but we often have a hard time recognizing and owning those gifts. Self-assessments are used to gather information about your skills, interests, and strengths. Gain a deeper understanding of your values, beliefs, and preferences through in-depth, guided analyses of your results. Work through all the questions involved in a career choice or career change.

Self-assessment and career exploration can help you clarify your objective and in turn create an action plan. While exploring, we can help you recognize your skills and use them to establish a fulfilling career. Investigate who you are and what you want while we take into consideration the realities of your life – family, health, location, and any other constraints. We will help you travel to the answers you already have within you through a journey of self-discovery.

Career Transition

Tap into your potential and push beyond barriers. Identify and evaluate your options. Define goals and develop a plan to adapt and cope with transitions.

When you hit a career crossroad, you have an opportunity to find new strengths, passions, and paths. Being confronted with a change often leaves people feeling stuck, confused, and frustrated, making it difficult to see the opportunities that lay ahead. Navigate challenging transitions so you can identify the best path moving forward, feel back in control of your destiny, and make the most of your new start.

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Career Management

You may already be in your career, and that’s great! Perhaps you are looking to move up, change positions, or do something – anything – different within your field or company. Career management can help you create individualized strategies and tactics to realize your goals. Identify the challenges you are facing in your career and develop solutions for moving forward! This is suitable for all stages of the career path.

Career Success

Take control of your own success! Cultivate a set of attitudes that support your efforts in succeeding. Career success coaching can assist you in becoming significantly more accomplished in your career. There is a very strong personal development component integrated with our career success coaching, linking your personal goals with your career goals. We can assist you in defining and achieving realistic goals faster and with greater ease. Career success coaching will support you in skill development and your ability to obtain further knowledge.


Perfect for...

High school juniors and seniors
College students
Gap year students
Nontraditional students
Career changers
The unemployed or underemployed
The employed who feel they want and deserve more!