Girl World

Survive and thrive in the Girl World! Attend a safe environment where girls can connect and express themselves authentically.

Girl World group promotes self-esteem and self-love while helping your child develop life skills, healthy coping skills, and decision making skills. The group curriculum provides the tools and builds the confidence to manage conflict, drama, gossip, toxic friendships, and more.

Through tailored activities, Girl World will focus on:

  • Understanding healthy relationships
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Maintaining and developing kinder friendships
  • Inspiring positivity
  • Encouraging and creating a sense of support
  • Empowering girls
  • Creating a kinder girl world!

Who Should Attend

The Girl World program is designed for girls ages 8 to 11 years. Any girl is welcome to join!

2019 Schedule

This group is currently forming and does not have a set date or time. Once we have participants, a date and time will be set. This group will be 60 minutes in length and be held on a weekly basis for a total of eight weeks.

*schedule subject to change

How to Enroll

Please contact us for a brief consultation, either via email or telephone. Prior to official enrollment, we will schedule an individual, initial session to make sure this program is a great fit for you. These meetings are approximately 30 minutes and are scheduled in the morning or on Saturdays.

Space is limited. Enrollment ends two weeks prior to the first day of a new module.