LEGO® Based Social Skills Group

Does your child...

❌ Struggle to make and keep friends?

❌ Have a hard time managing frustrations?

❌ Feel frustrated when working with others?


If you answered YES, the LEGO-based social skills group may be just what your child needs!


LEGO®-based therapy is a social development program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other related social communication difficulties. Often, difficulties arise in social interaction, social communication, and social imagination for children with these symptoms and diagnoses.  Research has shown that significant gains can be made in social development through LEGO®-based therapy.

Playing with LEGO® has the power to boost social skills and build self-esteem. It provides opportunities for use of visual-spatial skills and systematic problem solving. Children build skills through following their social interests in a collaborative, supportive play therapy environment.

How It Works

Each course is four sessions long, provided weekly for one-and-a-half hours per session. Children are divided into groups of three to build creations and are assigned different responsibilities during the session. We emphasize decision-making, leadership skills, and communication skills. Children take turns rotating through three different roles – the engineer, the supplier, and the builder. This allows opportunities for the children to work together, communicate, collectively sole problems, and practice social skills. When social problems arise, the clinician coaches the children to find their own solutions, providing natural opportunities for developing social competence.



Our LEGO®-based social skills group will focus on the following skills:

  • Building confidence
  • Listening comprehension
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Following directions
  • Conversations
  • Joint attention and task focus
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication

🧒🏾Who Should Attend

Children with ASD or other social communication disorders ages 7 through 10

🕙 2020 Schedule 🕙

5PM to 6PM on Mondays starting January 20, 2020

💲Pricing & Fees💲

$40 per session ($320 total)

$280 if paid in full before first session

* this group requires an 8-week commitment

Are you ready?!

Sign up today! Enrollment ends one week prior to the first day of a new module. All signups require a free 30-minute consultation with Keiko before official enrollment.