Therapy for Military and Veterans

Military life can be exciting and fulfilling. But it has a lot of uncertainties: next post, next deployment, separation from family. They didn’t tell you when you joined the military that it was going to be a family affair, a new way of life, a new culture with its own rules of conduct and even language. You learn to hurry up and wait. You learn to look out for your buddies. But sometimes what you have learned to do to fit in or even survive does not translate well into the civilian life. Alcohol use, aggression, frequent use of cursing, following the chain of command, and no questioning orders are prevalent in a peacetime military. When there is frequent and pervasive combat as we have seen the last few decades, include quick to aggressively defend, erratic driving, worse alcohol and drug dependence, and families that are afraid to say “boo” to you for fear of how you’ll respond.

Military life counseling includes helping the active duty member transition back into civilian life. We will focus on:

  • New roles as spouse and parent 
  • Accepting and integrating the changes that occurred both with you and your family while you were apart
  • How to be a partner and share
  • How to parent again
  • How to fit in with those who have not had your experiences without losing yourself
  • Relaxing and enjoying yourself
  • Redeveloping your role as a civilian

Clinicians Offering This Service