Stay Chill with These 5 Relaxation Tips for Teens

Being a teenager comes with various responsibilities and stressors. And does it ever seem like parents and other adults don’t remember how stressful the teenage years can be? Trying to balance school, sports, jobs, clubs, friendships, relationships, family, and your physical and mental health is NOT easy! And depending on your age, you may also be wondering what’s next after high school? With all of this being said, it is SO important to find ways to relax and unwind, so you can cope with the various responsibilities and stressors of being a teenager.

Relaxation Tips:
1. Block off time in your schedule to do things that help you relax
This is the most important relaxation tip! With a busy schedule, you may be thinking,” I don’t even have time to relax!” But guess what, you need to make time! And remember, you have as many hours in your day as Beyoncé!

2. Take note of activities that make you feel relaxed
Knowing what you need to do to feel relaxed can help minimize stress. Let’s say you have an exam on Friday- You know you usually get stressed about exams, and you know exercising makes you feel relaxed, so you might decide to block out time on Thursday to go for a run.

3. Mindfulness meditation
Meditation can bring you back down to Earth during stressful times. And anyone can meditate…even for 5 minutes! Here is some more information on mindfulness meditation.
Awesome App: Headspace 

4. Focus on your breathing
This sounds simple, but breathing exercises are effective in calming the mind and body down when feeling stressed!
Awesome App: Breathwrk https://www.breathwrk.com/

5. Be kind to yourself
Not every part of your life is going to be perfect all of the time (or ever), and that is okay! What would it be like if you gave yourself some compassion during stressful times? If you waited to do the homework assignment until you watched an episode of your favorite show, or cancelled plans with friends/family for some much needed alone time? Here is permission to put your needs first.

Being a teenager involves various responsibilities and stressors. The tips listed above are great ways to relax when feeling stressed and overwhelmed with responsibilities. However, if you find that you are still struggling to relax, even after utilizing the tips provided, there may be other factors contributing to your struggles. I can help you explore and gain insight to these factors, and together we can overcome the obstacles that are making it difficult for you to relax. 

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