Connect, Share, and Flourish Together

Imagine a space where you can connect authentically, share openly, and flourish collectively. Our LGBT Kikis are the ultimate hangout spots for vibrant discussions, meaningful sharing, and collective growth. It’s about building real connections, feeling deeply understood, and illuminating your world, one unforgettable gathering at a time. Join us and start navigating your journey in the most supportive and cool way possible!


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What the heck's a kiki?!

A kiki is more than a get-together; it’s a lively celebration of identity and support among friends. It’s where humor meets depth, challenges become opportunities, and every young adult finds their voice. In our kiki, you’ll discover a community eager to welcome and understand you fully. Here, you can share your experiences, gain insights from others, and build friendships that foster growth and affirm your identity. It’s your safe haven to explore, express, and empower yourself and each other. Join us for a kiki, where understanding sparks action, and every session leaves you stronger and more inspired.

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Find a community where you are seen, heard, and valued—step into our Kiki at Blossom. It’s not about blending in; it’s about shining bright in a dynamic, supportive environment. Feeling stuck, unheard, or misunderstood? We're here to shift that narrative. With expert therapists and a group of peers who truly understand, our sessions are designed to encourage genuine connections, equip you with practical strategies, and celebrate your unique identity.


At our Kiki, we honor who you are without judgment, combining empathy with empowerment so every gathering boosts your confidence. Ready to be celebrated for being exactly you? Join us and see the difference in our next Kiki session. Let’s blossom together!


Are you a young adult eager to amplify your voice and expand your social circle? Are you searching for a community where laughter is the soundtrack and authenticity is the theme? If you’re nodding yes, then our Young Adult Kiki is the spot for you! Perfect for LGBT young adults who need a safe space to explore and express their identities, our sessions are crafted to foster understanding, friendship, and personal growth.

Whether you’re addressing big identity questions or just looking for a place to relax and connect with peers who get it, our kiki is your new favorite spot. So, if you're ready to be heard, supported, and celebrated for exactly who you are—come and shine with us! Let’s thrive together in a space that’s all about real connections and genuine fun. 🎉✨

Join us and see how incredible life can be when you're fully, unapologetically you!

  • Initial 30-min consult with one of our clinicians, free of charge
  • Resource hub with handouts and other supplementary content to support your journey
  • Support from peers and professionals
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$25 per session

$100 if paid in full at the first session

This group requires a commitment to all 6 sessions


In-person in Collegeville, PA: Every other Wednesday from 6:00PM-7:00PM EDT

Telehealth: Every other Tuesday from 6:30PM-7:30PM EDT

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Sparkle, Share, and Soar Together!

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Telehealth Group Available for Clients In:
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Sparkle, Share, and Soar Together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re an LGBT young adult (ages 18 to 26) looking for a place to connect, share, and grow, this group is for you! Join other young adults who understand exactly what you’re going through. Whether you’re looking for support, friendship, or just a safe space to be your true self, our kiki is the perfect spot.  

The teen kiki group program consists of biweekly sessions that span over a period of 12 weeks (6 sessions total). Each session lasts for 60 minutes.

Yes, we offer individual counseling as a supplementary service alongside the group therapy. This allows you to receive personalized attention and focus on specific needs.

This group is provided out-of-network. We will supply you with superbills at the end of the month for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Our groups have a minimum of five group members and a maximum of nine.

We rotate our clinicians depending on the season/cycle! You'll have the same therapist for all your sessions, but depending on the time of year you join, it will likely be a different therapist than the season before!

We offer this group either in-person in our Collegeville, PA location, or virtually to clients in the states listed in our map above.

Get ready to dive into a mix of engaging and essential topics designed just for you! Each session is crafted to enrich your understanding and support your journey. Here's what we'll cover:

  1. Identity & Self-Discovery - Explore and embrace the unique aspects of your identity.
  2. Building Confidence - Learn techniques to boost your self-esteem and stand proud.
  3. Managing Stress - Develop skills to handle life's pressures in healthy ways.
  4. Effective Communication - Enhance your ability to express yourself and connect with others.
  5. Relationships & Boundaries - Navigate the complexities of personal and professional relationships.
  6. Mental Health Awareness - Increase your knowledge about mental health and wellness.
  7. Community & Support - Discover the strength in community and how to find support.
  8. Future Planning - Set goals and envision a future that excites and motivates you.

Each session is interactive and builds on the last, creating a comprehensive toolkit that empowers you to thrive in all areas of life.

Great question! If you're an LGBT young adult aged 18-26 looking to deepen connections, understand yourself better, and enjoy a supportive community, this group might just be your new favorite spot. Our Kikis are perfect if you crave a safe space where authenticity rules and every voice matters. Plus, if you're all about personal growth and sharing this journey with like-minded peers, you’ll fit right in.

You can click the Request a Free Consult button to find a free 30-minute consult slot called Kiki Group Free Consult.

Or fill out the forms you see throughout this page and we will get back to you with more information!

No worries if you miss a session! We understand life can get hectic. If you know you'll miss one, just give us a heads-up. While attendance is important since each session builds on the last, we’ll help you catch up. Plus, we can provide resources to ensure you don't feel left out.

For our Kiki sessions, we do require a commitment to all biweekly sessions. It’s all about creating a consistent and supportive space where everyone can truly connect and grow together. Plus, each session builds on the last, helping you get the most out of your journey with us! So, while we love spontaneity, this series works best when everyone is in it from start to finish.

Jumping into our Kiki sessions, you’re in for a transformative journey! Expect to:

  • Connect Deeply: Forge genuine bonds with peers who get your journey and share similar experiences.
  • Empower Your Identity: Gain confidence in who you are, celebrate your uniqueness, and embrace your full self with pride.
  • Learn and Grow: Equip yourself with practical strategies and insights to navigate life’s challenges more effectively.
  • Find Your Voice: Amplify your voice within a supportive environment that encourages open and honest dialogue.

By the end of these sessions, you'll not only have a toolkit of coping mechanisms and deeper self-understanding but also a vibrant new community that feels like family.

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