Mind Mapping 101

A small introduction to using mind mapping to hack your brain and productivity!

Learn how practicing mindfulness can,boost your productivity! A mind map is a visual way to represent ideas and concepts. It’s simple and basic… and might remind you of brainstorming you did at school when you were younger! Mind maps help you get the clutter out of your brain and organize it in a way that is both creative and logical.

Mind mapping goes beyond brainstorming, though – it is structured to replicate the manner in which your brain actually works. It’s analytical and artistic, engaging both hemispheres to help all your cognitive functions. The best part is that mind maps can be created in many, many different ways!

In this free workshop for all ages, learn how to sort out and take control of your thoughts with mind mapping to:

  • Declutter your brain

  • Organize information

  • Plan anything

  • Improve your studying

Keiko Wolfe
About The Author

Keiko has 13 years of clinical experience working with ages 4 and up. She focuses on empowering clients by challenging patterns and assisting in their creation of self-developed coping strategies. Her preferred approaches incorporate Eriksonian hypnotherapy, mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Cognitive Therapy. Keiko is the Founder/CEO of Blossom, and you can often find her hosting workshops, groups, and free events, and at all of our community events!


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