One Powerful Tip for When You’re Feeling Mentally Exhausted

Mental exhaustion is exactly what it sounds like.

Mental distress, whether pathological, situational, or stress related, is real. The exhaustion our brains and bodies feel when experiencing such events is not only real, but something we need to notice, feel, and take time to practice self-care in vulnerability and gentleness.

I can honestly say that this is not something that is easy, especially for women. Someone at some point put the totally incorrect expectation in our minds that we should be able to do it all. And not only that, but do it perfectly, efficiently, quickly, and with a smile on our faces.

Newsflash – this is not possible. While we may be able to run on pure adrenaline for periods of perfection, we all crash. And, my friends, we know that the crash is not pretty. It also comes with a flood of emotions flowing with guilt, failure, not being “good enough” (whatever that is, right?), and more.

My friends, we cannot do it all with perfection and grace. We can try and we can absolutely “kill it,” but only until we hit a wall. This wall is one of exhaustion and harsh reality. We have to be gentle with ourselves, ask for help, and take care of ourselves so we can continue to be the best possible version of ourselves.

Asking for help does not mean we are not capable or, worse, that we are a failure. Asking for help can be uncomfortable because it brings a few things into vision that we’ve tried to avoid while attempting to “do it all.” Vulnerability.

The first step in combating mental exhaustion is vulnerability. And let’s be honest – who wants to feel vulnerable? Who wants other people to know that we can’t do it alone. But who said we have to or are even supposed to try?

Mental exhaustion is something we all have experienced at one time or another. And it is only fueled by a potential endless cycle of shame and guilt. But it does not have to be. Find your tribe and ask for help. Yes, it is uncomfortable. But I promise you that in that discomfort of vulnerability, your mental exhaustion will ease and you will see that not only does it make life easier, but that we all deserve it.

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