You deserve the best care

You deserve a therapist who will support and affirm you, one who is knowledgeable beyond heteronormativity and gender binaries, someone who is inclusive and understanding of your experiences. No matter the situation, we're here for you!

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We're here to help

You've found yourself feeling drawn to certain people, maybe not the opposite gender. Perhaps you identify as queer, gay, trans, or you're not sure yet. Maybe you're ready to transition, considering transitioning, or something else.

The struggle you so often face is finding mental health services that understand, respect, and cater to your unique experiences and identities.

This problem can make you feel overlooked, invalidated, and isolated.

It sucks because everyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, deserves to be seen, heard, and treated with understanding and respect.

Trans-Competent Therapy

We respect and honor the identities of every individual who enters our space. As genuine allies, we welcome all identities on the trans-continuum and gender spectrum including gender non-conforming and non-binary individuals. We approach you with care and a completely nonjudgemental perspective.

We make it a priority to learn your unique experience, ask about your pronouns, and consistently show up for you as a support and ally.

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Kids and Teens

Our only goal is to help your child learn more about who they are so they can live their best life feeling self-love and self-acceptance. We also work with children and teens who are learning to adapt to their parent(s) recently coming out as LGBTQIA+.

We provide the following opportunities:

  • Couples counseling
  • Family support
  • Affirming therapy for individuals
  • Transition support
  • Poly-amory support and couples counseling

You are not alone

Book your free consult with one of our affirming clinicians to begin your journey today!

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