75+ Things to Put In Your Calm Down Kit {Free Printable}

75+ Things to Put In Your Calm Down Kit {Free Printable}

A calm down kit is a fantastic tool for easing big emotions for all ages. What you put in your calm down kit is ultimately your choice, and I have some suggestions for you to get started!

When to use

Calm down kits are perfect for encouraging you to calm down from a big emotion. This could be anger, sadness, panic, sensory overload, or anything else that feels like it’s too much to handle in the moment.

What I like about calm down kits is their accessibility, ease, and positivity. Everything in your kit represents something that you enjoy, find soothing, or are fond of. What I LOVE about calm down kits is they’re tailor made for you – how cool is that?!

What to include

Since the overall goal of a calm down kit is to soothe yourself, your kit should contain the things that you find soothing. Start with your senses. What feels good to touch, smell, look at, and hear? Download the free printable for a handy list while you create!

  1.  Fidgets – These small toys provide tactile stimulation and are great for keeping hands busy!
  2. Weighted blanket
  3. Weighted stuffed animals
  4. Body sock
  5. Slime
  6. Play-Doh
  7. Theraputty
  8. Bubble wrap
  9. Therapy brush – Great tools for deep massage and sensory regulation
  10. Soft blanket
  11. Stress balls
  12. Massager
  13. Heated blanket
  14. Eye mask
  15. Pressure vest
  16. Pipe cleaners – For fidgety hands and for soft touch!
  17. Fabric scraps or scarves – Also for fidgety hands and soft touch!
  18. Find it games – These games are great! They typically have a lot of beads or rice inside with some tiny shapes or toys to look for. You can even make your own!
  19. Puzzles
  20. Cards
  21. Question cards – You can create your own or purchase them.
  22. Word searches
  23. Books
  24. I Spy games
  25. Affirmation cards – You can create your own or purchase them.
  26. Etch A Sketch
  27. Blank notepads
  28. Coloring books
  29. Crosswords
  30. Mazes
  31. Rubik’s cube
  32. Brain quest cards
  33. Mini chalk and chalkboard
  34. Cat’s cradle
  35. Calming music
  36. Headphones – Noise cancelling works well.
  37. Noise machine
  38. Audiobooks
  39. Nature sounds
  40. Whistle
  41. Harmonica
  42. Drawing
  43. Legos
  44. Tissue paper for tearing
  45. Spinning top
  46. Balance cushion
  47. Cardboard box
  48. Sensory tunnel
  49. Small mirror
  50. Essential oils (adults only)
  51. Rescue remedy
  52. Scented candles
  53. Scratch and sniff stickers
  54. Deep breathing printout
  55. Yoga cards
  56. Emotion cards
  57. Pinwheel
  58. Chewelry – Usually necklaces or bracelets designed for chewing.
  59. Chewing gum
  60. Hard candy
  61. Crunchy snacks
  62. Gummy snacks
  63. Punching bag
  64. Jump rope
  65. Hand weights – No more than a couple pounds
  66. Resistance bands
  67. Exercise ball
  68. Mini trampoline
  69. Calm down bottles
  70. Bubbles
  71. Kaleidoscope
  72. Lava lamp
  73. Sunglasses
  74. Hourglass
  75. Photo album
  76. Snow globe

Anxiety in childrenDownload the free printable list

Grab a copy of this free printable list. Then take it with you when you go shopping so that you can easily build a calm down kit of your own!

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