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Join Keiko, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in mental health, for a series of enlightening Lunch & Learn sessions designed to empower educators and staff in fostering student well-being. Dive into topics from managing anxiety to understanding neurodivergence, all while enjoying a complimentary lunch provided by us.

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Keiko Wolfe

Meet Keiko

Keiko is not only the founding owner of Blossom but also a beacon of innovation and support in the field of child and adolescent mental health. Her extensive background and heartfelt mission are focused on nurturing the potential of young individuals through empowering, solution-focused, and holistic approaches.

With a deep commitment to the well-being of children, teens, and young adults, Keiko's primary goal has always been to cultivate resilience and strength in the younger population. Her expertise is particularly relevant to K-12 staff who are on the frontlines of educational and developmental challenges faced by students today.

Beyond her counseling expertise, Keiko is an esteemed educator in undergraduate psychology, enriching her students with knowledge since 2015. She has a knack for making complex concepts accessible and engaging, which is evident in her workshops and community outreach programs.


Keiko's clinical interests are broad yet deeply focused on populations that are crucial for school environments:

  • Children and Teens: Implementing strategies that help young individuals navigate the complexities of modern-day pressures, focusing on building resilience and self-confidence.
  • Neurodiversity: Understanding and supporting students with Autism, ADHD, and other developmental disorders.
  • Mental Health Challenges: Addressing issues like anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder with compassion and effectiveness.
  • LGB+ and Gender Identity: Creating inclusive environments that respect and celebrate diversity.

Sample Topics

  • Navigating Childhood and Adolescent Mental Health
  • Understanding and Supporting Neurodivergent Students
  • Managing Anxiety in Young Minds
  • The Intersection of Gender Identity and Mental Health
  • Fostering Resilience in Educational Settings
  • Peak Performance: Enhancing Cognitive and Emotional Skills
  • Building Successful Business Operations

Engage with Keiko

K-12 staff will find Keiko’s workshops particularly valuable. These sessions are not just lectures but interactive experiences where staff can gain practical insights into managing classroom challenges, enhancing student engagement, and supporting diverse learning needs. Each session is an opportunity to transform theoretical knowledge into actionable strategies that can make a real difference in educational settings.

Keiko's approach, grounded in empirical research and enriched by her extensive field experience, makes her an indispensable ally in fostering environments where children and adolescents can truly thrive. Her commitment to education, both in clinical settings and in classrooms, provides a unique perspective that enriches her interactions with educators and staff, making each learning opportunity with her a step toward better mental health practices in schools.

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