3 Ways to Sharpen Your Self-Care Skills

3 Ways to Sharpen Your Self-Care Skills
3 Ways to Sharpen Your Self-Care Skills

Have you ever gone to work not feeling well because you were worried about getting in trouble or you know that it would put you behind in your work so you went to work anyway? If you answered yes to either question this blog is for you.

It is often so difficult for us to take time for ourselves because we need to take care of others or get stuff done and after a while it becomes far too easy to put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list. This is problematic for many reasons. Not engaging in self-care can lead to burnout, anxiety, depression, and feeling stuck. Many of my clients come in overwhelmed with all the tasks and hats they wear in life, but rarely do I hear a task that is just for them.

When was the last time you put something on your to-do list that was fun for you? Engaging in activities that are meant to help recharge your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual battery may seem contradictory to success, but I’m here to tell you I’s one of the most important things that will guide you to success and long-term wellbeing.

The definition of self-care is any intentional action to care for your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. We need to listen to what our bodies are telling us because it’s the only body we have. If we are exhausted, take a 20-minute power nap, or eat food that will provide energy and sustainability.

Little tweaks in our every day life is a form of self-care. For example, eating an apple can give us more energy than another cup of coffee or going for a 10-minute walk after dinner can help us decompress from a long day. Self-care can be long, but it can also be little two-minute moments throughout the day.

My challenge to you is to think about little things that you can do every day that will give yourself little me moments.

My second challenge to you is to dedicate one day a month to spending a few hours on yourself. That could be buying new clothes, doing a face mask, going for a hike, or trying a new restaurant.

My third challenge to you is to take a break from electronics and social media when you are engaging in 10 minutes of self-care. This time is dedicated to you and only you. Facebook and Instagram are not going anywhere.

Time with others is precious, time with yourself is priceless. You all deserve to have more than 10 minutes a day dedicated to yourself, take advantage of it!

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