Work at your own pace!

Wellness programs, courses, and workshops help you and your loved ones make positive changes and learn about mental health and wellness. Whether you are a parent, professional, student, or teen, get ahead and make changes by signing up for any of our programs below. The best part is - you can work at your own pace!


DBT skills course

Our DBT skills course emphasizes taking action and changing thoughts through using specific coping techniques and psychoeducation. DBT is an effective treatment approach for helping people make positive and long-term behavior changes to create a life worth living.


Painted meditation

Looking for simple ways to get your stress level under control? Are you artistic or open to trying creative activities? Do you want to feel calmer as you move through your days? You’re in the right spot. Join Katie for my painted meditation workshop where we'll hold space for relaxation, creativity, and mindfulness.


Mind mapping 101

Learn how practicing mindfulness can,boost your productivity! A mind map is a visual way to represent ideas and concepts. It’s simple and basic… and might remind you of brainstorming you did at school when you were younger! Mind maps help you get the clutter out of your brain and organize it in a way that is both creative and logical. In this free course, learn how to sort out and take control of your thoughts with mind mapping


Stop after school tantrums today

Is your child melting down after school? Are you and your family struggling to keep it all together especially since school has started? Together, let's look at five easy-to-implement approaches to help you and your family gain back your peace in this free online course.


Managing anxiety + ADHD in the classroom

Have a student who is struggling in the classroom? Whether you are an educator, a parent, or a professional, this free 45-minute workshop will discuss the signs and symptoms to look for, and six easy-to-implement strategies to help your student return to the classroom relaxed and focused!


Mindfuness skills course

Create a mindful foundation to rewire your thinking mind, teach you how to live in the present moment, and help you become more comfortable with your experiences.

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