Marcy Tocker

You deserve to be the best functioning version of you.

Navigate the journey to courage while feeling empowered and supported working through animal assisted psychotherapy, play therapy, and expressive art therapy.

Marcy Tocker & Emmett

Therapeutic services can look different for each person because we all walk different paths. That being said - our goals are all the same - to be the best functioning individual we can - whatever that looks like to us.

Let us walk alongside you in your journey that we know you’re capable of.

Therapeutic change has the best chance of occurring if certain conditions are present - empathy, unconditional positive regard, acceptance, and being there to support while our clients discover the strength they’ve always carried.

I know you’re capable of amazing things. Let me walk alongside you in your journey to help you discover the perfect environment to heal.


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Marcy's Clinical Focus


Learn skills and techniques to manage your brain throughout the day!

Gender Identity

At any age and at any place in your journey, you are supported here


Techniques and interventions to address trauma and stress

Anxiety Relief

Whether it be from school stress, family, friendships, or something else!

Foster Care/Adoption

Heart-centered care and support for teens, children, and caregivers

Attachment Issues

Attachment-based theory and treatment for children

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Marcy's Clinical Focus


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