Yes, you read that right - Minecraft as a therapy tool!

We love using Minecraft in sessions to build skills and learn about big feelings. Help your child enhance, learn, and practice social skills, frustration tolerance, problem solving, and self-exploration in our Minecraft therapy group!


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Two amazing opportunities to join us

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The Minecraft world acts as a safe space to practice various skills when struggles arise that directly correlate to struggles experienced in everyday life. The skills practiced in the game can then be translated into outside world skills. Gaming therapy groups also offer the unique opportunity to work together with like-minded
individuals to achieve a therapeutic goal while encouraging social connection. The Minecraft server used in the group is a safe, secure, fun, space led by a qualified clinician.

We've got you covered

Marcy began utilizing gaming in therapy during 2020 at the beginning of COVID. With so many kids, teens, (and adults) becoming interested in gaming especially during this time, Marcy has found gaming therapy to be especially effective. She continued to obtain training to ensure competence in using gaming therapy and is part of a growing online network of other clinicians also using this type of therapy.

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The Minecraft Therapy is designed to utilize the popular game as a platform to enhance, learn, and practice
various skills including but not limited to:
- Social Skills
- Frustration Tolerance
- Problem Solving
- Communication
- Self-Exploration
- Planning
- Teamwork

The Details

Each child must use their own tablet and bring this to the office for in-office sessions.
- Participants must have an updated version of Minecraft (Java or Bedrock) and login on their device.

- Sessions can be played in the office or in the comfort of your own home.

- Participants will be invited into the Minecraft office server for sessions. Access to this server is not granted outside of group time.

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Groups are held biweekly and cost $40 per session. Superbills are provided for out-of-network reimbursement. Online groups are currently available for Pennsylvania residents only. Enroll at any point, even after the start date! All participants are required to attend a free 30-minute consult with the Marcy to assess fitness and appropriateness.

Ages 6-10 Every other Monday starting 3/13 4:00p-5:30p EDT
Ages 11-15 Every other Monday starting 3/13 6:00p-7:30p EDT

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