Marcy Tocker

Marcy is one of the fabulous clinicians at our Collegeville office and at the barn. She is gentle, compassionate, and engaging. Marcy does her best work with kids and teens with ADHD and those experiencing challenges with gender and sexual identity.

Q+A with Marcy

Welcome to our clinician spotlight series! Meet our clinicians in a different way and learn more about us off the couch!   Personality  Myers Briggs (MBTI): ESTP Enneagram type: 4, The Individualist Zodiac sign: Aries Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff Love language: Acts of Service Favorites What’s your favorite season and why? Spring because of the changing …

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5 Tips from the Pros for Managing ADHD at Work

I often refer to ADHD as a double-edged sword. Parents of children (and the children themselves) haven’t typically been privy to both ends of the sword yet. They are seeking my therapeutic services and my ADHD professional speciality because the behaviors have become unmanageable. The hyperfocus is presenting as a child who shows aggression when …

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