10 Books to Support Children with Anxiety

10 Books to Support Children with Anxiety

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Julia Cook
Anxiety continues to be a common ailment in children, especially given the current climate today. In this colorful, fun, book, children can relate to Wilma as she struggles to understand and manage her anxiety. It also provides tips and strategies to help parents and children become more in control of their anxiety. 10/10!

Help Your Dragon Deal with Anxiety by Steve Herman

What can children do when they are so worried about everything? This funny and entertaining book teaches children that it’s okay to be worried sometimes and gives some ways in which they can learn how to tame their dragon’s worries as well!

How to Get Unstuck from the Negative Muck by Lake Sullivan, Ph.D.

Negative thoughts can consume us at times and cause a lot of distress and worry. This easy-to-follow workbook will help parents and children recognize when negative thoughts are happening, challenge them, and ultimately replace them! We may not be able to make them go away, but we can definitely learn how to cope with them and decrease our anxiety!


The Invisible String by Patrice Karst

This popular book has been used to support children struggling with loneliness, separation anxiety, grief, or loss. In a beautifully written way, the author describes how we will always be connected to those we love. Children find reassurance and comfort in knowing they are not alone.

What to Do When You Worry Too Much by Dawn Huebner

Does your child feel stuck and held captive by their worries and fears? This is the book for you. A humorous, relatable guide to help engage and encourage your child to process their worries and developed real-world strategies to help cope with them!

Wimberly Worried by Kevin Henkes

A warm and comforting story by world-renowned author Kevin Henkes. This book works to normalize anxiety – we all experience it sometimes! The story shows us that sometimes we miss out on so much by being worried. Take a chance and see where it takes you!

Don’t Feed the Worrybug by Andi Green

A great way to start the conversation on anxiety, fear, and stress. This tale normalizes and validates that anxiety is common and normal! But again, the more we are rigid and focus on the negative, the bigger it gets. Even if you have a bad moment, this book teaches us you don’t have to have a bad day.

What Do You Do With a Problem? By Kobi Yamada

A New York Times Bestseller, this book teachers children to find courage, even in the face of anxiety, and to never give up. An inspiring, relatable story that shows children that ignoring problems just makes them worse. Even so, you do have the strength to overcome anxiety!

Hey Warrior by Karen Young

A fun, inspiring story that teaches children to recognize triggers, symptoms and causes of anxiety. Then, it works to instill strength and hope that they too can turn their anxiety around with perseverance and the right strategies!

Mighty Moe by Lacey Woloshyn

A workbook that children can use with their parents to start exploring what anxiety really is. Activities focus on understanding triggers and body cues and coming up with tools and strategies to cope with anxiety, worry, and other “big feelings”. Come up with a plan that will work best for you and your child!

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