Group Therapy

Groups are an amazing way to bring people together who are facing similar struggles. It's a safe space where you can make connections, feel supported, and learn beneficial skills from a therapist.

If you've been considering therapy, or have been in therapy for a long time and feel like you need something new, a group may be the answer!

We provide a comforting space dedicated just for groups! Let's connect, create, and conquer together 💜

Group therapy can seem intimidating at first. But it can offer benefits that individual therapy may not.

✅ Gain perspectives from others

✅ Add new coping skills through seeing how others handle their situations

✅ Meet new people

✅ Help yourself while helping others

✅ Share your experiences

✅ Feel encouraged from people in similar situations

Check back soon for our fall group schedule! Fall groups run October through December each year. 

While you wait, check out our online workshops and courses!