When you come to visit our Collegeville location, you can access our waiting room via the stairs or the elevator. Our waiting area has comfy chairs and couches, with relaxing music to clear your mind. Help yourself to drinks and snacks, available to you at each appointment. Our waiting area also offers a kid section with toys, chairs, desks, and activities if your little ones are coming with!

At Blossom, we strive to provide an environment that encourages you to do your best work, and to feel safe and comfortable while doing so. Each of our therapy rooms are lightly dimmed, with comforting colors and soothing smells. When it’s time for your appointment, we have five therapy rooms and two play therapy rooms that our clinicians work in.

We understand that kids do their best work and achieve their goals while working in an environment that speaks on their level! Our play rooms boast board games, card games, arts and crafts, stuffed animals, Play-Doh, sand trays, LEGOs, puzzles, and toys (phew – what a list!). Each of our child therapists is specially trained in using any and all of our toys, games, and art to facilitate growth and address individual goals with your child.

Our groups, workshops, and meetings are held in our conference-style room or our wellness room, depending on the topic. With calming colors and soothing smells, these rooms are bigger versions of our individual therapy rooms!

We aim to help you feel relaxed and at-home during your time with us, and we are so grateful you’ve chosen to check us out.