Art Therapy

Anxiety counselingArt therapy can help with:

Whether you need emotional support, mental health services, or something other than talk therapy, we provide you and your family with comprehensive expressive arts and art therapy services to support your health, wellness, and resilience.


Art therapy isn't just for kids and teens. Healing through art is available and possible for all ages.

Explore the arts to connect with yourself. In art therapy, you'll use art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork to make real progress through self-expression and insight.

You'll be able to creatively communicate in a safe manner, sharing inner thoughts and fears in an emotionally safe zone. The use of art expression allows you to safely reflect how you see things, through your art, safely conveying the tough issues to help you grow. Art therapy allows you to share and understand things about yourself that you might otherwise find difficult to express.

Anxiety counseling